Blogging 101 – How to Set Up Your Blog

It’s 2021, and the digital arena is at its most expansive. Of the many sources that populate our digital world, blogs are one of the most common – and loved! In fact, anyone can dive right into blogging, even if you’re a first-timer. 

Setting up your own blog is easier than ever; here’s how:

1)   The first step is to choose a theme. What’s your blog going to be about? It’s a good idea to pick something that interests you – be it food, music, or ghost stories! The important part is picking something you’re passionate about, so the enthusiasm reflects in your blog. 

2)   Once you’ve gotten the theme figured out, it’s time to move to the name – preferably something memorable and catchy! Remember, being original is great, but the best name is one that sticks! 

3)   Next comes the actual creation of your blog. Platforms such as WordPress and Medium are great for beginners as they house a bunch of ready-made features that are easy to customize. 

4)   This next step is the most technical yet, and that too is pretty simple – blogging plugins. Ideally, you should have at least two blogging plugins, one to search for viewers and the other to make a record of statistics

5)   Write the actual content! Once you’ve got the structure and technicalities of your blog set up, it’s now time to put it out there for the public to see. Remember, the more compelling your content, the more viewers you’ll get – and the faster you’ll build up a following!

So, there you have it; how to set up your very own blog in five simple steps. What are you waiting for? Download your free blog 101 E-Book HERE Blog 101- Blog setup E-Book by Sarah Eke


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