About Me


Hello Gems, (and Gents), but we are all Gems, welcome to my blog.

My name is Sarah Eke, funny how my friends and family call me Sarah Eke. I am from Lagos in Nigeria, but I live in a small but beautiful city in BC Canada. I graduated with a degree in Media and Communications from one of the best schools in BC.

Growing up, photography and Fashion played a major role in helping find myself and express how I feel with not so many words. Photography was how I saw the world, and fashion was simply how I interpreted it. (whew… that was a mouth full). As a little girl, I could change my outfit more than 3 times before the end of the day (Lord… Did this get on my grandma’s nerves lol). I enjoy dressing up and trying new things with my clothes, and when I am not playing dress up, I am most probably behind the camera capturing the most precious moments. (Photography is my happy place)

Over the years my style has changed in so many ways and honestly after I graduated, I found it hard getting rid of all my Uni clothes (plus I wasn’t about to spend money changing my entire closet).

My goal as a fashion blogger is to use my platform to express my creativity in fashion and also to inspire my readers to look in their closets and create timeless pieces without breaking the bank.

I am grateful to have the most amazing family and friends who put up with all my troubles and are always open to me stressing them out at any giving point. They have grown to love me through every photo shoot 😉. And of course, I am very thankful for you all (my Gems) … for taking the time out of your day to visit my blog every week. Let’s make it a date next Monday.